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Our Group

Who we are


We are a group of motivated, like minded individuals who have come together in the pursuit of financial freedom.

The Profit Investors group was founded with the goal of providing an affordable and practical education to individuals who would like to become financially free. The founder of the group Robert, is an experienced investor and success coach who draws from a background in property, stock market, forex trading, offline and online business as well as mentoring thousands of students internationally.

Our group meetings include a basic 3 day seminar,an investment group and apprentice of millionaires club which includes weekly lessons, personal mentoring and one full day seminar each month.

Our history

May 2013
The founding members of the group originally approached Robert to start teaching his wealth of knowledge and expertise in order to feed their passion for learning and drive to become financially free. 

June 2013
The Profit Investors started to host cashflow 101 boardgame nights to start teaching people about financial intelligence and how they can apply the lessons learnt in the game in their own lives.

August 2013
The first 3 Day Seminar was hosted in Cairns with a small group of individuals.

November 2013
The second 3 Day Seminar was hosted in Cairns with a larger group this time, increasing the energy and the community within Profit Investors.

April 2014
The third 3 Day Seminar was hosted in Cairns with a bunch of really great people who all joined our team. We will only be having one more seminar before the group is full! Watch this space! From here we are looking to expand all across the country...


Our Mission

Profit Investors Mission Statement

The mission of the Profit Investors is to provide a 21st century education, knowledge and information for a select group of people who are seeking a better and happier life.

To help develop a mindset that will build a brighter future in both finance and other important areas of people's lives.

We believe in endless opportunities, we do everything we can in order to spark up the fire and the desire in our member's lives, helping to achieve their ambitions and make their dreams come true.

Our mission is your success, and with this... ours as well.

Our Group

We believe in building wealth over time through discipline, knowledge and financial intelligence, we do not believe in "get rich quick schemes". We surround ourselves with like minded and experienced people in order to leverage our knowledge and experience. This results in building good relationships with licensed financial advisers, brokers and industry experts who can collectively help each other achieve financial goals.



Have you ever actually done the math on your retirement? Profit Investors can help you get real with your retirement plan.


Our contacts include licenced financial advisors, experienced stock market and property investors. With this wealth of experience, we can help you set goals, create a plan and and take action.


Are you looking to start an online business but don't know how? We have an educational system in place where we help you to make it happen.