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Cashflow101 – The Board Game That Will Teach You To Be Rich

Cashflow101 – The Board Game That Will Teach You To Be Rich

Can a simple board game teach you the secrets of the wealthiest people alive?

Is it possible to change your mindset and attitude towards money, by playing a game?

And can a board game really make you rich?

That's what I wanted to know many years ago....

Sounds great, right?

I figured I could afford to spend $20 on a board game and see if it really was worth all the self-generated hype.

Since than I've been playing lots of games, reading and listening to a lot of Robert T. Kiyosaki's teachings and attending his seminars, I even had the pleasure of meeting him.
In fact, through my organisation I've lead over 10,000 games in the past 10 years. Many people's eyes have opened because of it.

If he sounds familiar to you, its probably because he's the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy or you may have heard of another book he wrote; The Cashflow Quadrant....

But what are the benefits of playing the cashflow game? The global economic crisis has hurt everyone badly. It is now even more difficult to manage your money to meet the expenses of daily life. In such situations, a person may either choose to compromise, or they may choose to increase their earnings to meet all their expenses and enjoy a better life. However, successful people are those who not only restrict their spending, but also utilise their available resources to increase their earnings or even better, they prepare themselves with education and other strategies to make it through the next economic fall.

The Cashflow game is such an educational and entertaining game that will make you learn how to make prompt financial decisions to increase your earnings and lead a better life. While Cashflow 101 will also help you in learning how to manage your balance sheet and income-expenditure statements, it will also help you learn about how to restrict your expenses to really take control of your finances.

Surprisingly though, probably the biggest lessons will be about your self.

- Your relationship with money
- How you handle loans
- How 'foreign' investments are to you
- Can you take risks or do you prefer to save money
- What you need to do to improve your current situation in real life...

... and much much more.

So if you haven't played this game yet but you know you should be educating your self in this direction but don't know where to start....

This is your chance! 🙂

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