Monthly Archives: January 2013

26% extra cashflow, no extra work

For the first time, six months ago I played Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 board game with Profit Investors! Who would think a board game could reflect so accurately an individuals financial situation and knowledge on financial investments.  The mysterious black hole in my “savings” had now been exposed and I now better understood the financial predicament I was in.  The Cashflow Game experience was to be the first of many rude awakenings. The second awakening came...
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My cashflows increased by 200%

Thank you Profit Investors!  After 5 long years of searching for an all in, affordable, wealth creation package, i found exactly what i was looking for. Profit Investors gives me the support, mentoring and practicle investment advice. But also paves the way to achieving the success that have be striving for....
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